We sell yachts 3x faster than our competitors & retain a higher percentage of the original asking price.

Buying & selling your yacht is no longer a long winded process. Find out how we do it here.

Understanding The Process

Don’t risk it when you don’t have to. Make smart decisions by educating yourself…

The Process to
Selling a Yacht​

Every client wants to know “When will my boat sell?” and “What will my boat sell for?”

Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball to reveal these answers but we can maximize the probability of a short sale time and a higher sale price by controlling the most important variables: listing price, listing presentation, boat location, and condition. Your brokerage and broker’s past performance is an indicator of how they will perform for you.

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The Process to
Buying a Yacht

Step 1: Call Gordon and Discuss These Questions…

A. How will you use the boat 90% of the time for the next 3-5 years?

Will it be a floating apartment? Will you primarily day sail, spend an occasional weekend, or live aboard? Are you water skiing, fishing, cruising, racing?

B. Who will be your crew 90% of the time?

Are you sailing single handed? Will you have a boat full of kids? What is going to make them comfortable and love boating as much as you do?

“I would look no further than Gordon if I was buying or selling a boat. He is honest, knowledgeable and dependable”

- Tom Durel

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